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alexander hajek, vienna, austria :::

"adventures and sport give me the odds and reasons of inspiration to get the sensation of drawing. enjoy!":::

alexander hajek alexander hajek alexander hajek
"that's me riding on a camel back trough the ruins of zenobias palace
in palmyra/tadmur, syria, with blow sand from the iraqi border covering the dawn"
october 2009

  • favourite tools: pencil and rubber, coal, crayon, chalk;
    adobe photo studio and wacom board, gimp;
  • new adventures to come 2010/2011: backwaterman, bosnia, transylvania,
    cap canaveral, trinidad and tobago, cuba, venezuela, barbados, a.o.
  • next projects coming 2010/2011: cthulhu horror book illustrations;
    atheistic acrylic painting; rpg fantasy heroe portraits in colour;